As a community of Faith positioned within a wider community we are commited to pray for the people who live and work within Bracebridge. Each day we have a different focus for the streets and areas that we will be praying for. Please feel free to join in this cycle of prayer for your community. The list below is also available as a PDF here -> prayer diary


Day of the Month Prayer intention
1 For our Wardens, Church Officers, ALMs & Musicians
2 Manby Street, Fairfax Street, Clayton Road Russell Street
3 Boundary Street, Murdock Road, Urban Street, Ewart Street

Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School,  Francis Street, Lexington House

5 Ellison Street, Victoria Street,
Maple Street. Frank Swaby Court,
6 Beech Street, Elder Street,
Poplar Street
7 Laurel Close, Grosvenor House,

Newark Road, Cross O’Cliff Close

8 Brant Road, Manse Avenue,

Holly Street

9 Holly Close, Cedar Avenue,

Apple Garth

10 Parker Avenue, Broughton Gardens,

Glendon Close, Larne Road

11 Glenarm Crescent, Kells Close,

Clare Close

12 Harwich Close, Waymouth Close,

Haysham Close

13 Newhaven Drive, Cullin Close,

Antrim Road

14 Correen Close, Carn Close,

Walbury Close

15 Sperrin Close, Lisbourn Close,

Foyle Close

16 Rye Croft, Southdown,

Birkdale, Mourn Terrace

17 Syston Grove, Helsby Road,

Calder Road, The Priory Academy

18 Chiltern Road, Camdon Close,

Malvern Close, Mendip Close

19 Snowdrop Close, Lannimore Close,

Lurgan Close, Pullin Close

20 Garrick Close, Renfern Road,

Renfew Close



Juniper Close, Foxglove Way,

Edge Hill

22 Lowfields Shopping Centre, Orchid Road,

Lavender Close

23 Bluebell Close, Primrose Close,

Bradbury Avenue

24 Sidlaw Gardens, Horner Close,

Carra Close

25 Bangor Close, Strahane Close,

Dunmore Close

26 Willow Tree Close, Snowdon Close,

Orchard Walk

27 The Meadows Primary School,

Acorn School,

St Columbas Church Centre

28 Youth Organisations & Groups,

PCSO’s, Doctors Surgery & Health Professionals

29 For all Business in our Parish and for those who work here
30 For continued growth of our Church Community
31 For our Patron, Mrs Ellison-Lendrum and her Family