Congratulations on your engagement, if you are hoping to get married at All Saints Church then please get in touch and we will see if we can help this happen.

Getting Married here at All Saints.

There are legal preliminaries that need to be discussed in order to establish if getting married within the church is possible, an outline of which is available here , please contact the Vicar to discuss this and to make arrangements to meet to discuss your wedding.

The Cost

There is a required legal fee for marrying in a church, it costs £517 if you marry away from where you live and £474 if you marry in your home parish. This is set by the Church of England nationally and is the same for every church.

Additional Costs

There are additional costs for Vergers, Additonal Heating, Organist Video License etc. but these can be discussed at the initial meeting and will be itimised in your confirmation letter.


If you would like any more information and ideas then visit and please feel free to contact us.